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House in the Snow



Welcome to SAGA LA. Depending on when you start counting, we are celebrating at least 44 years of camaraderie both on and off the slopes. If you are new to SAGA, please check us out. We are 100% volunteer run by an elected board and its members. Over the years we have sustained a relevant place in the social lives of men who enjoy winter sports. 

During the 90s, Saga was a very dynamic club with over 200 active members. About a quarter of membership changed each season and new young(ish) members brought fresh ideas and connections. Saga worked with travel agents to design packaged tours for our members that included discounted airfare. Marketing trips was via Frontier’s Magazine advertising and Pride Festival booths. Homophobia was prevalent. Many Saga members viewed club socials as their primary social outlet. Closeted members were pervasive in Saga.


Today, Saga has a membership of 50-70 active members. The all volunteer Saga Board arranges all travel packages and social activities. All the while, Saga has remained financially strong and stable over the past 43 years. 


Hope to ski you soon!


Visit our Events page for additional trips and events.

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