Virtual Vertigo 10/18

2021 season kickoff graphic

camaraderie. gents. SMILES. fun. snow. BUDDIES. beer. love. SLOPES. speed. and good times…

Please join us for our first ever virtual Vertigo meeting.

tell your other your buddies too.

SagaLA  Season Kickoff and Halloween Happy Hour. At your home, Sunday: October 18, 2020 5pm Pacific. 8pm Eastern. Pop in. Say Hi. B.Y.O.B. We will be answering questions and chatting about the upcoming snow season. We know our boys just wanna have fun!

Virtual Party Registration Link:

Or, feel free to join the Zoom meeting.
Meeting ID: 962 2942 6133


  1. Welcome & Update: Sal
    • Zoom functions: Chat, Participants, Raise hand, etc.
  2. Board Introductions: Sal, Chris, Glenn, Kevin, Andrew, Omri, Rafa
  3. State of the Club: Sal
  4. New website: Sal
  5. COVID-19 Impact & Cancellation Policy
  6. Trips
    • Aspen: Chris
    • Mammoth: Kevin
    • Big Ski: Baker & Glenn
  7. Holiday Party
  8. Q & A