New Saga Website Registration

2021 Season graphic

Welcome to our new website. Our membership and Aspen trip are available for purchase. Sorry about the delay and thank you for your patience as we continue this new website journey.

Believe it or not, this has been a 2 year project. It is still a work in progress. We expect to add more content each week. Of course, we will have all of our other trips posted by our kick off event on October 18.

Our previous website was built on a format called Joomla!, while our new website is built on WordPress. We had to make some decisions on what we would carry over. Our database of members in the previous website was a challenge, since most of the registrants were inactive. We decided to start from scratch. It is pretty straight forward to sign up.

Step 1: Follow the link for Member Registration. Please use the following discount code for the early bird pricing: EarlyBird_50_percent

Step 2: Complete the form including a new login and password.

Step 3: Purchase membership using PayPal

Once a member, you can purchase trips and visit restricted areas of the website.