Aspen Gay Ski Week 2019

Aspen“…the shattered glass
the wicked echoes of my past.
I’ve seen it all before, that’s why I’m asking.

Will you still be here tomorrow
Or will you leave in the dead of night?
So, your waves don’t crash around me
I’m staying one step ahead of the tide.”

Rebecca Ferguson is singing through the earbuds as I recall the magical time with Saga Ski Club in Aspen. The brotherly bond built between the members is real. Like most things of quality, I’ve learned, it takes time. At 3:00am in Lift One Condos a Saga boy experienced an excruciating pain and urgently needed to be rushed to the hospital. He is one of us, we lookout for each other, on and off the slopes. He knew there were fellow gents to help him and thankfully he had the courage to wake us at that ungodly hour to ask for help. He then endured an emergency surgery there in Aspen Colorado. Today he is back on the slopes, smiling, making us laugh, and thankfully, Kevin is just fine.

This trip was a wild one for me. In my world 2018 had marked the end of an eleven-year relationship, things are civil, I care for him very much, and although I take a long while to warm-up to [anyone] in the end–I am a good friend. That said, on the mountain this year was the first time I participated in any of the Gay Ski Week Events: Limelight hospitality, après ski, gay ski meet-ups, that evening gondola ride, and the fabulous nighttime dance party at Sundeck. Sheer bliss.

Omri in AspenWe had a wonderful group of Saga men in Aspen. Kris K. is pure fun, I enjoyed watching him on the dance floor. Bob V. with his warm smile decorated with the sexiest silver-mustache ever. Jim C. who towers over most of us with his effortlessly masculine energy, a man of quality who enjoys a good time and a great laugh. Chris H. blushes when I remind him how handsome he is, he’s a genuinely humble and sweet soul. Kenny, Paul, Gregg–everybody just adores them. Andrew, Ken, and Sal our devoted board members who work relentlessly to better the club, problem solve, and take care of: all of us. There were many other magnificent men including our newest members Kris V. and [now a member] Rapha M. I think they really enjoyed themselves, and with time I am confident they too will develop and cultivate strong Saga fraternal ties.

I did not know Aspen of 2019 would be my longest gay ski trip yet 🙂 several days after returning to California a boy I had met on the mountain landed in my lap. A petite gent with a calm demeanor, infectious laugh, and friendly eyes who somehow managed to wrap his spirit around my heart before he flew away.

Rebecca Ferguson whispers…
“Will you leave me lost in my shadows
Or will you pull me into your light?
Teach me how to be loved
Teach me how to be loved.”

– Omri. 02.2019