I am single, do you have any single rooms or groups that need one?

SAGA Ski Club was organized over 30 years ago to provide ski and snowboard opportunities to gay men in the LA area. (well, the snowboard part came later after snowboards were invented.) Our trips include a mixture of singles and couples. Most of our trips are priced for two to a bedroom, except for the economy options we added this year for the first time on the Mammoth bus trips. With the economy options we put twelve guys in a four bedroom unit (to get a lower price), but there are enough pillows for all twelve, and some will share a bed. On all trips, we attempt to put singles in rooms with two beds, but on some trips we have more singles than couples, and more queens or kings than singles (beds that is), so we then give two "singles" as large a bed as we can. Rest assured, our focus is on skiing and a fun weekend, not the sleeping arrangements. We can usually arrange a private room, but the cost is nearly twice the cost of a shared room.

You might want to come to one of our other events (like a Vertigo meeting) and check us out. The details are on our website.Members of the SAGA board will be there to answer your questions.


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